Our Mission

To help entrepreneurs like you buy back your time to do whatever the hell you want using strategic website design and some SEO magic.

If you think your website could be working a little harder and running a little better you're definitely right.


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No matter what specific issues you’re having (outdated design, no mobile optimization, or even no website at all—you name it), the big-picture problem is this: Your website isn't pulling its weight and it's about damn time it started.

We’ll figure out exactly what your site needs to thrive, squash any technical bugs, plant the SEO seeds that will help bring in new eyes for years to come, and leave you with a beautiful digital space you can confidently tend to all on your own.

and the best part?


Hey, I'm Valery! A millennial Latina, wife, boy mama, night owl, and the founder of Dainty Creative Co.

I’m also a serial entrepreneur, website designer, and SEO expert who lives for creamy lattes, swears by time blocking, and will never stop being obsessed with Harry Potter.

serving clients worldwide

BASED IN new jersey

BASED IN new jersey
serving clients worldwide

If you’re into traditional credentials, I also happen to have…

Experience Working with Mid Size and Enterprise Level Companies as well as Higher Education

Master's in Computer Science (currently in progress!)

Google Analytics Certification in GA4 and Search Console

Google Analytics Certification in GA4 and Search Console

Experience Working with Mid Size and Enterprise Level Companies as well as Higher Education

Master's in Computer Science (currently in progress!)

So how exactly did I end up starting a custom website design agency when my background is in financial literacy?


My passion for my first business is what led me to see how important design, branding, and organic marketing (like SEO) are for small businesses. 

And as it turned out, I’m really good at doing those things, too.  

So I mixed my love of finance, learning, freedom, data, and design to start Dainty Creative Co. and build websites that are beautiful, optimized for Google’s algorithm, and designed to be a smooth experience for clients. That way, you’ll get more eyes on your business, more money in your bank account, and more time freedom.

My first business was financial coaching and that big-picture thinking influences every project I work on. That’s why, when we work together, I’m not only thinking about design, I’m thinking about how your website will help grow your business. 

Savvy of a finance coach

I absolutely love all things beautiful. Sleek, feminine, editorial web design is my style, but having served clients from contractors to interior designers, I’m also talented at building a site suited to your preferred style. 

creativity of a designer

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Although you’ll always be working with me 1:1, I do have support and you might see some of my team popping in from time to time to help out with your project.

mind of a team leader

There’s nothing I love more than showing you how to do something on your own so you feel empowered—and the same goes for website design. You’ll always understand the need-to-know info so you feel confident managing everything yourself. 

heart of a teacher

When we work together, you bring your business and I'll bring my...

let's pool our genius

Your website should be working 24/7, not you


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We know in the entrepreneurial space there’s a lot of push to hustle and grind your way to success and we’re here to help you stand against that. Because you should have the time and money to go explore new places, lose yourself in stories, or cuddle up with your kids in front of the TV on a rainy day. 

And that’s why our custom website design agency focuses on SEO and website design—so you have a website that brings in new traffic, gives those visitors the right information, and guides them straight to the “book” or “buy now” button.

And the best part? Most days, your website will do all the marketing work without you having to lift a finger.

Soon your biggest problem won’t be having to hustle all the time, it will be figuring out what to do with a bank account that’s overflowing with cash.

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